nokia or blackberry which is a better business phone

i am very impressed by the latest iphone4. a friend of mine using this made me more interested in this product, of apple. i asked him what’s the best feature of this phone, and he says picture clarity is just awesome, you can watch movies, there is a GPS which guides your way and brilliant music system and audio.


But have ever realized other than accessing basic internet and texting and messaging do you actually make use of the applications in this phone? They try to say what they did, but without knowing they are doing it with a lot of pain just to ensure they make use of it, not because its comfortable.

Answer my questions; can you type the same speed as you type in a laptop or notebook?

Can you edit quotation while you are travelling and ensure that every points are well mentioned, is it as comfortable as what you would have done on a laptop.

According to me a business phone should have
1) Phone book with multiple access and unlimited entries.
2) a great battery life.
3) Universal charger.
4) A good speaker phone.
5) A good audio and video player
6) A good camera if you would require taking a priceless moment.
7) And of course fast internet connectivity with wireless lan etc.
Besides this all other applications are just a gimmick,

A blackberry would do the stuff for you, no looking back, and or a Nokia E series phone are equally good, another advantage of Nokia over blackberry is its connectivity to wifi and bluetooth network is a lot easier compare to highly complicated and time consuming blackberry.

Considering that a phone will not last more than an year, spending more than Rs 20,000 on a phone does not make any business sense for business phone users.

Hisham Kabir

Published by Hisham Kabir

Hisham is an MBA from MET, Mumbai and an alumnus of Symbiosis Institute Of Business Management, Pune, with a Management Deveoplemt Programme (MDP) on Sales Management from The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kozhikode, have worked with public relations division of Uniliver in Mumbai handling brands like Surf, Rin & Sunlight detergents. Formerly Chief Operating Officer of Ideal Caterers (family business established in year 1984) a leading outdoor caterer in Kochi and having services in Trivandrum and Kottayam. Hisham is the first Entrepreneur to successfully incubate out from CIFT Business Incubation Cell (A Govt Of India Enterprise) Hisham have ventured into food processing sector by launching a ready to cook curry paste with brand name "Freedom Kitchen" using technology from DFRL (Defence Food Research Laboratory in Mysore) with a vision to change the way indian domestic kitchen would operate. All aspects of brand design & development for the brand "freedom kitchen" from concept, brand naming, colour selection,brand story, Barcode GS1 formalities, to copyright to vertical package designing and print development was independently handled by him. Hisham was key accounts executive at Kerala's leading advertising agency stark communications. An avid automobile enthusiast with a passion for advertising, have conducted an exhibition on the world’s most celebrated advertising campaign titled the History of Volkswagen Beetle ads, at the Durbar Halls Arts Gallery in Ernakulam and at MET Campus Mumbai. He is also a guest faculty at various management institutes in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. He talks on entrepreneurship, advertising strategies, and business management. He has given guest talk to management students at Rajagiri Institute Of Management, Amrita Business School, Coimbatore, MET Mumbai, TKM Institute of Management, to name a few.

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