How to Be Powerful In Business & Entrepreneurship

15 Ways To Create An Air Of Power

1- Play hard to get

A powerful man is never easily accessible. People must always go through his assistants to reach him. Therefore, always have someone else, such as a secretary, screen your calls. You can even screen calls yourself with an answering machine. In fact, never answer the phone. Always take messages.

2- Hire an assistant

A powerful man always has an assistant who takes care of his day-to-day tasks (scheduling, callbacks, mail, ticket and restaurant reservations, memo writing, etc.). An assistant gives you more time to deal with important business matters, and also catches the flak from complainers, so you don’t have to.

3- Have a busy schedule

A powerful man is never idle. He has important matters to attend to, and influential people to see. He can’t meet with everyone who wants to see him.

Think of yourself as a classy restaurant or a popular nightclub. Getting in such places is supposed to be difficult. Create artificial line-ups and make people wait.

4- Attend important events

Power involves being present at important functions. These include tradeshows, conferences, dinners, and seminars. Such events are good places to network with other leading men and to make your own status known. For more of an effect, occasionally send your assistant to fill in for you and network on your behalf. Make sure they’re trustworthy.

5- Associate with powerful people

Who you know says a lot about who you are, and powerful men know other powerful men. Getting to know as many CEOs, politicians, celebrities, and media people as possible, if even at a local level. These are people who can do things for your career that ordinary folks can’t.

6- Be selective in your projects

A powerful man has a keen eye for good ideas. He’s picky about which projects deserve of his attention. Don’t accept or be a part of every new idea thrown your way. Show extreme precaution in your endeavors.

7- Have a nice office

Your place of work must be fitting for a man of power. Have a classy desk (polished wood is ideal), leather chairs, a modern lamp, and the latest accessories. Hang your diplomas and any pictures you’ve taken with other powerful people. Keep the artwork discreet and tasteful.

8- Wear fashionable clothes

You are what you wear. Suit yourself up with the most formal and expensive business attire you can afford. Wear the perfect tie with the right shirt and polished shoes.And remember that good posture always makes the garb look more impressive.

9- Drive a nice car

There’s a reason cars are status symbols. They are the mobile shells of your personality, and therefore should be good enough to transport a man of your stature. For the truly daring, have a chauffeur, always on standby, drive you around in a town car.

10- Master your tongue

There’s a reason most windbags don’t become powerful. Their constant prattle makes them highly undesirable. By talking too much, they risk revealing things they shouldn’t. The more concise your speech, the smarter and more enigmatic you’ll seem.Also, be selective about whom you talk to. Just don’t cross that fine line between confidence and arrogance.

11- Don’t do the dirty work

In every business, government and organization, there will inevitably be some dirty work involved. Make sure you don’t get stuck doing it. By keeping your hands clean, you’ll seem the height of civility.

12- Be bold in your actions

Uncertainty is one of the greatest deterrents to power. Hesitation and insecurity not only dull your actions, they’re highly visible. Every decision, every word and every action you execute must be done without doubt. Believe in yourself, and others will too.

13- Keep your cool

A powerful man is the master of his emotions. He remains calm in stressful situations and doesn’t let others upset him. Take nothing personally.Anger shows weakness of the ego, and essentially tells the assailant that he won. Let nothing bother you (at last externally), and you’ll seem invincible.

14- Be unpredictable

The routine is boring. Following a pattern without fail shows an unwillingness to be daring. You should strive to be variable. Reinvent yourself every once in a while, or follow an action that people would not expect of you (make sure it’s a good action). Being unpredictable keeps people in suspense — they never know what’s coming. Be a prototype, not a stereotype.

15- Don’t sweat it

Magicians are so fascinating because we don’t see how they perform their tricks. The same applies in your life. Your achievements should appear natural, as if you didn’t break a sweat to do them. Magnify your talents and seem almost superhuman by effacing your toils from work.

positive response

Once you apply the principles above, you’ll notice a positive change in people’s reaction toward you. They’ll look at you and talk to you differently. Power is like currency; if people say it’s valuable, then it is.A warning: like everything else, power is a game of balance. You must be careful not to seem arrogant and presumptuous. Be friendly and easygoing. It shows maturity.

Published by Hisham Kabir

Hisham is an MBA from MET, Mumbai and an alumnus of Symbiosis Institute Of Business Management, Pune, with a Management Deveoplemt Programme (MDP) on Sales Management from The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kozhikode, have worked with public relations division of Uniliver in Mumbai handling brands like Surf, Rin & Sunlight detergents. Formerly Chief Operating Officer of Ideal Caterers (family business established in year 1984) a leading outdoor caterer in Kochi and having services in Trivandrum and Kottayam. Hisham is the first Entrepreneur to successfully incubate out from CIFT Business Incubation Cell (A Govt Of India Enterprise) Hisham have ventured into food processing sector by launching a ready to cook curry paste with brand name "Freedom Kitchen" using technology from DFRL (Defence Food Research Laboratory in Mysore) with a vision to change the way indian domestic kitchen would operate. All aspects of brand design & development for the brand "freedom kitchen" from concept, brand naming, colour selection,brand story, Barcode GS1 formalities, to copyright to vertical package designing and print development was independently handled by him. Hisham was key accounts executive at Kerala's leading advertising agency stark communications. An avid automobile enthusiast with a passion for advertising, have conducted an exhibition on the world’s most celebrated advertising campaign titled the History of Volkswagen Beetle ads, at the Durbar Halls Arts Gallery in Ernakulam and at MET Campus Mumbai. He is also a guest faculty at various management institutes in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. He talks on entrepreneurship, advertising strategies, and business management. He has given guest talk to management students at Rajagiri Institute Of Management, Amrita Business School, Coimbatore, MET Mumbai, TKM Institute of Management, to name a few.

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